Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Amy Butler - Purses - Halters- Pecan Waffles-& Novocaine

If you are an Amy Butler fan and happen to be in Carrollton, GA be sure to stop by a little Dentist office on Center Street. The gals in there will welcome you with pure Southern style! They are every bit as friendly as a waitress in a Waffle House!

For those Non-Southerners..... you should know that a Waffle House waitress will greet you with a loud " good morning" as soon as you walk in the door. Everyone else will look up from their pecan waffle and nod. Super friendly folks, yet NO more friendly than the ladies working at Dr Ayers Dental office!

Wondering where I am going with this??? Keep reading.

You'll get MORE than a simple "good morning" or " good afternoon" at Dr Ayers office. Heather is happy to usher you to the best seat in the place! She'll encourage you sit down & kick your feet up. Shoot.......she will even brush and floss your teeth while you sit and relax!

Come to find out, the dental staff loves Amy Butler fabric as much as I love my Novocaine before having a cavity filled!


  1. I am so glad the dentist office 1.treats you well, 2. likes Amy Butler fabrics.
    I mean, How can you not like Amy Butler? There's gotta be a law or something...

  2. Hey! That's where we go, too! And I go to church with Heather! And I love Amy Butler, too! So much in common ....

  3. I agree with your previous comments! Not loving Amy Butler could be classified as "sinful!" Deco Rose is by far my favorite fabric as well.


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