Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Portabellopixie Claire- Sewing Pattern Review - Round Apron Dress

This tutorial is concentrated on the round apron and attaching it to the dress.

My pattern review for this dress can be seen by clicking here: portabellopixie-claire-pattern
This is a continuation for the same pattern but sewn in the size 2T with different fabrics.

The dress will be constructed to the point of completion minus the apron ties. The main apron panel was attached to the skirt of the dress before sewing it to the bodice. To further clarify, the only thing missing are the ties (sash) of the apron.

Find the center of the front of the dress/apron panel and mark it. Find the center of the apron sash and mark it. Often I mark centers by a lightly pressing a crease.

Lay the Apron sash on the seam line of the skirt & bodice making sure the centers are aligned.
The bottom of the sash is on the seam line and the top covers a portion of the bodice.

Do not extend past the seam, because you will be covering the full part of the gathered skirt. See picture above for placement.

The key to finishing the Portabellopixie Claire dress is attaching the sash in a nice smooth manner and the key to having it smooth, is the pinning!

Lots and Lots of pins!

Here is where I use my favorite foot. If you don't have one like this, use the edge of your standard pressure foot as your guide. I suggest using well matched thread.

Sew the band on slowly as per the pattern instructions. Keep everything smooth and remove pins as you go.

This is my little friend Anna. She can wear a size #3 or 4 T department store clothes. This dress has been cut from a size 2T .

Due to the elastic neckline and sleeves it easily fits Anna! As you can see, this pattern would look fine a little longer and even a little shorter as the child grows. In other words, if your little girl wears a size 2T , make the 2T Round Apron dress and she'll be wearing it a little shorter as she grows taller.

Isn't she adorable? Her mother's blog is Amy Knits. There is always something happening there such as knitting, sewing, bats in the house........
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  1. Hi, stopping by from SITS!

    This is very cute. I'm a master at straight line sewing (and stapling as the case may be when I'm making stuff), but I might just give this a try.

    I'd love for you to stop by my place: Life Makes Me Laugh

  2. oh my goodness that is the sweetest dress on the sweetest little girl! so cute! you did a beautiful job! thank you so much for stopping by from sits, i love meeting new friends! Look forward to seeing more of your wonderful creations!

  3. This is a gorgeous version of this dress!

  4. Great fabric choice I just made the same choice myself though I choose to do the parts in different combinations. I just love the look of the dress and the fabric is gorgeous as well.


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