Sunday, August 23, 2009

Handmade Baby Quilt from Amy Butler Daisy Chain fabrics

One of my blogging friends is responsible for stitching this quilt.
Cristin, from Sew This Is My Life created her 35 X 35 inch quilt using 4 inch squares using several prints from Amy Butler Daisy Chain fabrics and white Kono cotton sashing.

This understated throw or baby size quilt could easily find a home my house!


  1. That is so lovely, thanks for sharing. I posted your nice award yesterday, thank you.

  2. Absolutely stunning!! I am so envious of those who quilt! I do not have the patience.

  3. Thanks for featuring my little quilt Glenna! I really appreciate it!

  4. Beautiful Quilt!!

    I posted my Premio Meme Post today. Thanks

  5. Good Morning Glenna:)
    This is a beautiful quilt and reminds me of one that a local quilter put together for my dear SIL. It was made from 4" squares that had been signed by people to encourage her while she is waiting for a kidney donor.
    We just had our local County Fair and I am always amazed by the gorgeous quilts and really unique patterns I see. I live in Amish country and the ladies have skills, let me tell you!
    I wish you a wonderful weekend and BTW, your blog design is so pretty!
    ~Take Care, Christine

  6. Just one more thing:
    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest:)


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