Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pink Fig Cuppy Cake is Fun to sew

This was my very first time shirring and it turned out great!
I wrote about shirring in my earlier post. (click here to view)
Now I'd like to share another little tip.

When selecting your fabrics for the panels, avoid using the same fabric for the skirt panels as in the bodice & hem. Look close at the above photo. You will notice two panels which are the same as the band & bodice. I've made two of these dresses and avoided using the polka dots in the skirt because I used it in the bodice / hem.

The ribbon trim helps to "break up" the solid line in those two panels. Having a hard time putting it into words, but the picture tells the story better. Have I confused you?

The pantaloons were made from the Pink Fig Bella pants pattern modified to be shorter.

The bodice and hem are made with Amy Butler Midwest Modern II collection: Happy Dots.


  1. I love fabric and anything sew related...I don't know how to sew ONE DAY...soon?!?

  2. Sweet! I like your interpretation of the pattern, nicely done!

  3. Zoey loves her Pink Fig Cuppy Cake Dress. She wore it to school last week, and has tried to wear it to school twice this week (and its only Tuesday!). The teachers all loved the outfit, and everyone commented on the great clothes!


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