Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fabric Easter Eggs make cute decorations

Don't have $4000. to spend on a Fabrege egg to decorate your dining room?

Think about decorating with Fabric eggs!

It is another lovely idea to use up that fabric stash!
These eggs were sew by Cozy Cabin Creations

Easter Symbols

Originally a pagan festival in honor of Eastre, the goddess of spring, Easter today is celebrated by Christians honoring the resurrections of Jesus Christ. Eggs we associate with Easter are said to be symbols of fertility & new life connected with spring. The hare was originally the sacred animal of the goddess Eastre and the tradition of the rabbit leaving colored eggs for children reportedly originated in Germany. Whether you observe Easter as a religious holiday, a celebration of spring, or both.....sharing the day with friends and family is a wonderful way to mark it.

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