Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fabric Selection for sewing the Amy Butler Field Bag & Tote

The Patterns we've been waiting for showed up at the door yesterday. Oh Happy day!
Both the Mini Dress/ Tunic/ top and the Field Bag and Tote patterns look easy to sew.

I am having a hard time deciding WHICH I want to make first. I will be sewing the Mini Dress/Tunic in the Wildflowers - Turquoise fabric which is featured on the pattern cover. Amy Butler likes it and so do I!

I will be selecting fabric for the Field bag from this bundle........
Or this bundle.....


  1. Either would be cute, but I vote for the top bundle!!

  2. Love the tote! I would totally rock that tote!

  3. I like the bottom bundle.

  4. WOW! I really need to get my sewing machine fixed (or buy a new one) so I can make cool stuff like this!

  5. What a fabulous bag! Gut response is the second bundle...but I am sure both will be great!


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