Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hometown Swap

I've never joined a swap before, but knew the minute I read Shannon's blog I would enjoy it! Shannon put together a great swap and it must have taken quite a bit of effort on her part. You can read about it here.

Karla received a gift from me which included a can of boiled peanuts from Georgia. Visit Karla's blog@ Zander and Me to see what I sent her.

My Goody Box arrived today all the way from Washington State!

Amy from WA sent me a gift box containing items from her state. When I opened it yesterday, my heart skipped a beat because I had hit the jack pot!

She selected a generous cut of fabric made in her town! Not just any fabric....but Pendleton Wool! A lovely plaid wool! A very warm, snugly wool!

Amy sent me a nice letter explaining she went to my blog, & saw I enjoy sewing. She knew exactly what I'd like and she could not have done a better job at making her Hometown Swap selection!
Amy, you out did yourself!!! Can we do this again next week?

I'm not sure what I'll sew with this piece of plaid Pendleton Wool just yet. Those of you which sew, know something such as this must be pondered and planned!

Shall I make a skirt? A shirt? A jumper? A shaw? Hmmmm?

I've got several months before the weather turns cool in Georgia to decide.

Amy also included a jar of Marion Berry Jam which she made. It is a hybrid of blackberries and raspberries invented in Marion County OR. Yummy!

Her home is located in a small town in WA and is VERY rich in history. She included a post cards and a nice Lewis and Clark coloring book from the local museum. You see, Washougal, WA was an important camping site for Lewis and Clark during their travels across the country.
The coloring book is as much of a history book as it is a coloring book. I'm sure the grand kids will enjoy it!

I'd love to vacation in WA and hopefully someday my Husband & I will take the trip. For now, The Hometown Swap gives me a piece of that part of the country.

Thank you again Amy, for the heartfelt gift. Thanks to Shannon for putting the swap together! Be sure to stop by their blogs: The A to Z Twins and Shannon's Nut House

Yesterday proved to be almost like Christmas for me.
I had just finished opening the Hometown Swap gift and the Postman brought another package!
A handmade pendant by RHB Designs.
Forgive the poor photo, but hopefully you can see that it has been stamped with the words: Faith, Hope, Love
I could have selected any words or lettering, but these words have a place in my world.
You can see more from this designer by going to http://www.rhbdesigns.etsy.com


  1. What a great swap! You are so lucky! Have you tried the jam yet? Marion Berry is the best, take it from an Oregonian, you will NEED more!
    ~Michele from By Your Side

  2. I love that pendant. This swap was so fun!

  3. Very nice! And very cool for Amy to tailor (no pun intended) her package to your talents!

    I'd like to see what you create with that fabric... it's gorgeous!

    Thanks again for participating in the swap. Glad you've enjoyed it!

  4. So glad you liked the swap gift Glenna! There were so many cool fabrics to choose from it was hard to decide, so I'm super glad you're happy with it! :)


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