Friday, June 19, 2009

Wonder Wallets, those Cute Handmade Fabric Wallets!

I swear I heard my scrap box talking which sounded like "Sew something small, fast, useful & cute".

When I sew a purse or tote bag, I like to make something with the leftover scrap fabric.

This little wallet is very small and can make good use of the scraps. The Wonder Wallet isn't a wallet which I'd want to use every day, but it isn't necessarily meant to be used every day.

There are times when you don't wish to carry a purse, but need a drivers license, credit card and a little cash. THIS is when this tiny tike comes in handy!

Why is it named a 'wonder wallet' ? is designed to NOT require a zipper or extra Velcro to hold coins. Brilliant! See the compartment where the coins are sticking out in my photo?
This compartment holds coins and after you close the Velcro front flap, they won't fall out! It is wondrous. Wondrous I say!

Since these are so simple to sew, I've made them while watching re-runs on TV.

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  1. Super cute, I need a new wallet. These fabrics are addictive and this is a great use of scraps.

  2. Love the wallet!! Love the fabrics! Great now my scraps are calling me...
    House is my favorite too!

  3. I will need a new wallet to match my new purse....can't have a Vera Bradley wallet in a Glenna Williams' bag! Would this be a good project for us to do sometime?

  4. Coming over from SITs . Cute wallets!!

    :> Marina

  5. Wow! These are so cool!!!

  6. Glenna, these are so cute! I love them. I need one to match my new Vera bad too!

  7. Ahhhhh.....I love my wonder wallet that you sent to me. I use it ALL of the time now. And its even pictured here on your blog......very cool! ;)

  8. Hey, I just came over from SITS. That's a cute pattern!

  9. Oh my, those are CUTE! ...popping over from SITS!


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