Monday, October 12, 2009

Sew a Necktie for Your Guy

There is a first time for everything! This is the first time I've sewn a necktie.

You may remember Belle (aka "the Party dog") She'll do anything for a laugh or a piece of food. She's a little pissed at me for making her model a tie without paying her with kibble.

She even struck a pose! Am I cruel for not tossing her a treat?

Here it is! Something we can sew for our little and big men! The boys in our lives may not put on a tie very often, but during the holidays is the perfect time to kick things up a notch.
I came across Little Guy Ties pattern by designer Megan Miles and have been waiting to purchase holiday prints for sewing a few. Use Freezer paper for tracing.

Lay your lining fabric under the tie fabric and cut both at the same time.

Lightly press the shiny side of the freezer paper pattern to the fabric. Cut carefully and accurately.
Use the lightest weight fusible interfacing.

  • Then I will post step by step directions on how to tie a neck tie!
  • Would I sew this pattern again? YES
  • Does this pattern come with easy to understand directions ? YES
  • Skills required Basic / beginner sewing skills. Must understand the grain line of fabric for cutting the pattern on the fabric bias.
  • The most important part of this project is cutting out the pattern. Cut a straight line and sew a straight line.
  • The pattern includes sizes for Baby boy , toddler, big brother and Daddy.......and maybe even a large DOG!
Enter to Win the Little Guy Ties! sewing pattern by clicking here


  1. Forget the men and boys, I want one for my doggie! Yes PLEASE! Happy SITS sitsa!

  2. I practically flunked home ec, so I don't think I could try this project, but HOLY COW! is your dog ever adorable : ) So sweet! And the ties are very cute! They make me wish I could sew!

  3. So cute! (I think the dog is secretly loving the tie :-)). Visiting from SITS. Hope you're having a good day...
    pk @ Room Remix

  4. The Dog tie is too much! Following...follow us?

  5. LOVE your blog!! I think I may have to try this tie pattern for my little guy! Visiting from SITS, and I WILL be back!!

  6. I love this I wish I could sew like you. I have taken classes and everything but I do not have the talent for sewing. I will keep on eye your blog so I and keep up with your great talent.

  7. Great directions for lining the tips! on started i am getting so many problem How to Tie a Necktie then my big brother help me how to wear it, anyway thanks for your cool post!!

  8. what an adorable puppy! the tie is pretty dang cute too! :o)


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