Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sewing Tips - Sewing Notions

Some of my favorite Sewing tips, tricks & notions

Bias tape makers tied with a scrap of tape to indicate size.

I discovered the antique irons I collected over the years are heavy!

The old irons are a cute way to hold a pattern piece in place for cutting

Basting glue which washes out with water. When dry, it won't gum up your machine

I use basting glue to temporarily apply pocket, trim, labels and etc.

Twin needles for producing show stopping top stitching detail

Show stopping top stitching detail!

An ice tray holds sewing machine accessories in a drawer within reach of my machine

Bamboo turning tool is use multiple times within any given project to gently poke out corners of pockets etc. They sell plastic versions of this too, but I like the charm of the wooden one.

There are more tips, tricks and sewing notions which I use from time to time. I will be sharing more with you!

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