Friday, May 8, 2009

Amy Butler fabric turned into The Ashley Bag

Ashley wanted a new bag and requested a top zipper closure.

Here is what we came up with. aka The Ashley Bag.
I gotta say this zipper panel nearly kicked my butt! Putting in a zipper was not the problem. The problem was the mathematics! Look close at the drop-down zipper closure. Since I didn't have a pattern..........let's just seam ripper and I bonded.

Apparently the length & width of the inner band and zipper panel MUST match the finished width of the bag! Who would have thought?!

Sewing Trivia

Beginners to sewing are more likely to be bothered by the need to
remove stitching mistakes than seasoned sewers.

I read that on a blog last week, but can't remember who to credit this knowledge to.
For me, I am so "seasoned" that I can almost laugh at my sewing blunders!


  1. No suprise you are so Zen about your handiwork!
    Love, love, love the bag!
    Amy Butler fabrics are addictive.

  2. LOVE the bag!! It's so cute, and you can never go wrong with Amy Butler!! I too become one with my seam ripper, quite often in fact, we have a "special" relationship!

  3. Love the bag, you did a wonderful job. I am visiting from SITS.


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