Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fabric or Felt Handmade Birthday Necklace

These handmade fabric necklaces are among the greatest ideas for celebrating a child's birthday. So stinkin CUTE! Tell me what toddler would not feel special wearing his or her birthday number? A potential problem may getting the child to STOP wearing it day & night for weeks on end!

So you say " WHO made these cute necklaces" ?
These necklaces were made by the owner of a handmade craft shop called Modern Bean.

Does Modern Bean only make necklaces?

not a chance!

Here is the scoop
straight from Modern Bean's word processor

I'm a craft-otaku Japanese mom of two little girls (ages 2 and 3). I love simple, modern and Scandinavian designs.

All of my felt hair clips are designed and hand sewn by me. I use Holland 100% wool felt.

::My Handmade Hair Clip History::
My first daughter was born with a birthmark next to her right eye. I didn't want to hide it by covering her hair even though many people asked me if she bumped into something. So instead of covering it, I started making these originally designed handmade felt hair clips! I'm happy that my daughters love what I make, but I'm even happier when they like my creation so much that they give them their own names :-)

Here is the link to her flickr photo stream. Here is the link to her etsy shop.

If you liked the birthday necklace and hair clips........let modern bean feel the love by telling her so!


  1. Beautiful stuff!
    Glenna, here is the link to the beautiful halter Beth made for me using the great Amy Butler print!!


    thank you so much

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  3. Too cute!! I wish I still had some little ones!!
    ~Michele from "It's in the Bag!"

  4. Cute birthday necklaces.


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